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Listen again: Turin Brakes on Radio Verulam

Turin Brakes joined Radio Verulam for an interview earlier this week on the Outspoken show, which was largely dedicated to the St Albans music scene. The band have played various shows at The Horn in St Albans and the whole show (which is well worth a listen on demand here) features an interview with the promotions manager from said venue.

Olly and Rob talk about Ed’s and Rob’s role in the band and the name of the band (“If only we were THAT clever”) and for the second time talk about “brakes” being areas of land (have they recently made this up? Or have they just not talked about it before ;)?). They talk about being the charts, Rain City being more about a feeling than a city and touring. And Top of the Pops. And the efficient way they’re touring these days. Sooo, worth a listen.

It starts 36 minutes in here!



Radio Verulam is a community radio station which broadcasts to a number of cities including St Albans, Harpenden, Redbourn and Borehamwood.

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