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Turin Brakes on BBC Red Nose Day

Turin Brakes will be helping Dermot O’Leary tonight by playing some live tunes for him (and you) during his marathon 24 hour dance for charity! The band are playing live at around 2am. You can come and watch the band (and Dermot) live at Broadcasting House or on the RED BUTTON on digital TV (UK) or here. The band say:

Should be a blast… we’re only doing a short set but there are other surprises and things going on

Dermot O’Leary is not a dancer. At 7.20pm today he starts dancing for Red Nose Day. 24 hours later he will stop. The man needs your support. Sponsor him now.

If anyone has any chance to record is, then please do! And share :). I will be fast asleep (it will be 3am here in The Netherlands, after all, and that’s way past my bedtime on a week day ;)).


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