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Fishing For A Dream in new Italian ad campaign

Ciao Bella! Fishing For A Dream has made its way into an Italian bank commercial.

Born from the creative agency BCube, the new campaign started on April 19 and will be on air for four weeks on the main national networks, on the web and on the radio, with a storytelling more evolved: a child asks his father how the earth is made , who replied simply “It’s round.” An assumption that today seems obvious, but that is actually the result of measurement, calculation and debates. A complex path that, in the metaphor advertising, the father manages to turn in a game, answering the easy way.

The spot along the thread of emotion, thanks to the choice of music: for the first time, Fineco does not rely on a piece composed specifically but to a piece from the discography: “Fishing for a Dream”, the duo indie English “Turin Brakes “.

If the text above seems a bit “meh” it’s because it’s made by Google Translate (my Italian isn’t very good). In some way, it tells you all the details though.

The spot can also be watched on Fineco’s website.

I think Time & Money would be a more inspired choice for a bank commercial, but hey, it’s nice to see the song pop up on Italian tv :).

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