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#TB7: what we know so far


I’ve been meaning to do a write-up of all #TB7 tidbits I’ve found on Twitter and Vine so far, but alas my energy levels prohibited me from doing so. I’m back now, so here it goes. Time to dive deep into the wonderous world of #TB7. YES! I’m feeling this!


So there’s gonna be songs on the new album, we know that. REAL SONGS! NEW SONGS! And we know a few (working) titles as well… One song Olly has named on Twitter… Black Rabbit:

But looking at the finished recording tapes we can glance two more song titles. Keep Me Around and Rome are two song titles visible in this picture:

Haha… TB Continued. I get it. We could assume that Jumpstart might make the new album as well. So yes. We currently know of these songs, some of which may change title before the definite release:

  1. Black Rabbit
  2. Jumpstart
  3. Be Home Soon
  4. Rome
  5. Keep Me Around

Production and sound

So, what’s it gonna sound like? As can viewed in the picture above, a similar analogue recording progress has been used for TB7. Production duties are once again shared between Ali Staton and the band themselves. In an interview with Create.Pro Ali Staton says:

Currently co-producing and mixing the upcoming 7th album for UK band Turin Brakes. Although the album was recorded on analogue tape, I will mix it using a combination of digital and analogue processing so the Mac Pro will get involved at some stage.

So, a combination of analogue and digital it is. The sound is gonna be very interesting, according to this tweet by Olly:

I like the fact they are going for it :). The band posted some short videos (vines) with sound glimpses of the recording process. Some are weird, some are definitely musical and some even glimpse some real (almost finished) songs. The latest one features a rhythm that reminds me somewhat of Sleeper but there are synths there I think:

There are somewhat more worrying vines, like this one. And there’s also one that mixes up Jay Z and TB.

For those who wonder whether there are actual guitars on this new album, this vine answers that question with “YES”:

Or this one:

Check out all the other vines. Judging from those it’s gonna be a bit like We Were Here but with more weird effects mixed in there. So We Were Here on a space trip basically. Then again Olly describes it as simply “Very Turin Brakes”:

The record was mixed at the end of May:

It probably still needs to be mastered, unless that little fact wasn’t published on social media yet.

Release date

So yea, when is it coming out? That’s the big question. In 2013, when Turin Brakes released We Were Here, a similar recording schedule was followed compared to this year: a few weeks in February/March. So compared to that, we’re still on schedule for a 2015 release. However, it’s not that simple this time round.

Turin Brakes signed for two albums to Cooking Vinyl, so that deal is over and it’s unclear at the moment whether the band are signed to a different label now – or the same one – or whether they’re going the self-releasing route. Depending on whether they’re signed already or not, the (new) label (or their own, The Complete ATOMIC), may decide to hold back until 2016 or wait till later in the fall to release it, for example October / November instead of September.

One signs that points towards this, is the fact that there have been no announcements so far. In 2013, the band had already dropped hints about the album being release at the end of Summer. Also, the band had by this time already announced a massive UK tour. That is not the case this time, with a only a one-off gig in Liverpool and a couple of festival dates on the schedule. So while this time two years ago we knew the title, a release window and knew there was gonna be  tour to promote the album, this year we know none of those things.

This worries me, because it’s not really best practice for records to be released in a flurry of December best-of releases and Christmas shows… And if it’s not gonna be October / November it’s probably gonna be 2016 before the album is gonna be released. And if that’s the case, a January slot is the best we can hope for… And that sounds ages away (even if it’s just 6-7 months, really). Message to band: WE CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG. 😉

So yea, unless there’s suddenly going to be some announcements in the next couple of weeks, it’s looking more and more likely that 2015 isn’t going to be a year full of new Turin Brakes activity. (Did I jinx it now? I hope not) Which means we’ll have to keep ourselves busy for the time being. But hey, at least 2016 is gonna be good ;). We’ll keep our eyes fixed on the interwebs and send our spies to London to inquire, so you’ll be the first to know if there’s any news. At least there’s still some collaborations bubbling under the radar and they could come to fruition to tide us over…

Anything else?

So, Turin Brakes, how about a “Jumpstart” on the new album then ;)?


Pretty please?

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