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RecordRewindPlay interview: #TB7 features ‘straight for the jugular’ songs, 2016 release likely

In an exclusive interview with Nicola Tyzack of Record Rewind Play, Olly Knights has dished some previously unreleased details about the next Turin Brakes album. The interview is an excerpt from a larger interview with Olly on the new album, but the real juicy details are apparently held back for now, until the release has been announced. Apparently the band did more pre-recording work than ever before. Other topics include the return to Rockfield studios (the first time they’ve recorded two albums in a row in the same studio with the same co-producer), his hopes for the album and what the new material is like:

I’d say it’s more of a pastures new type of record, but with all the experience of what happens when we leave our comfort zone thrown in.  It’s unmistakably TB, but with some new twists and turns both sonically but also deep down in the routes of the songwriting.

Go and read the whole interview here. The intro to the interview seems to confirm the album is likely to be released in 2016 though. So yea. Counting down. COUNTING DOWN…

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