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Dorset Echo feature: “This time we’re going to be bringing the kids.”

Ok. I’m not sure why I chose that headline, because there’s lots more interesting news pieces in the Dorset Echo interview published last Friday ahead of TB’s performance at Lyme Folk. But it made me laugh to imagine Olly said this in a “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”-voice.

Anyway, more on-topic: the band are looking forward to returning to the Lyme Folk Festival – and making a family outing out of it :). Five more interesting things we learnt in the article:

  • Olly (and Gale?) have written with Mel C! She’s currently in studio recording something new, so who knows what might happen with that?
  • New album is coming out “early next year”. They will play some new songs although the Lyme Folk set will be ‘greatest hits’ as well. Cameras at the ready, folks!
  • Quote: “It would be a thrill to pop back up on the radar to a wider audience, even for five minutes, I’m not going to lie.”
  • “The last few years have been really good. The band members have galvanised together and it’s a very well oiled machine. The processes have been refined and there’s better understanding. We Were Here, our sixth album, was the first album we made as a refreshed band and this next album is the next stage, it’s a progression. It’s a little bit less retro.”
  • Olly wants to do film scores but for now TB is keeping him busy (which is also the reason he’s not working on a new album): “Making films was my first love and it has always affected me as a songwriter. It’s something I would love to get back into.”

Read the whole thing here.

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