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Lost Property: “A pastures new type of record”

Well, the first interview about the new album has arrived and it comes courtesy of Record Rewind Play. Olly talks about making the new record and describes it as ‘a pastures new type of record, but with all the experience of what happens when we leave our comfort zone thrown in.’

He says about working together as a band:

We’ve gotten pretty good at working together, but there sure is pressure, from us and from time mainly. We have had to become experts at it or else we’d never have made it this long. We all have our ways of behaving, positive, negative, slow, fast but I see it very philosophically, essential parts of a musical whole. Having said that I am of course usually right about everything, ahem!

And about the album’s themes:

It’s all too close at the moment to sum up, but I keep seeing threads, repeated ideas and images. If “We Were Here” was a little outer space obsessed then this stuff seems to be inner space obsessed, “when we turn the telescopes fromthe sky to within” is a lyrical example. I enjoy the notion that inner space can be just as vast and curious as the big black and is in fact inseparable from it, a universe on the tip of every finger. These things get smashed together with the poetry of the everyday on the new album.

Read the full interview over at Record Rewind Play to read about the new album, touring plans and much more >>


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