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EXCLUSIVE: Olly Knights on Amazon Christmas song ‘New Year’s Day’

Turin Brakes have released a brand-new song for the holidays by ways of Amazon’s Indie for the Holidays playlist, which is now available on Amazon Prime but can also be bought separately (except I can’t because you need a UK credit card). I’ve only heard a 30 second sample so I can’t give you any answers on what it sounds like. I can, however, give you Olly’s answers to some questions I asked him about the song.

How did the song New Year’s Day come into existence? 

The song was was part of the batch I wrote for the new album but didn’t quite fit the puzzle so we left it. Then when Amazon contacted our label about their Christmas compilation we resurrected it with a seasonal twist.

What was it like writing an original Christmas song? Was it harder than writing a normal song?IndiefortheHolidays-ASIN_100615-560x5601-560x5601

Not at all, It was quite fun actually because before I “Christmasised” the song it didn’t quite have the lyrical hook that I was happy with so I saw it as a creative thing.

Based on the 30 second clip it sounds vintage Turin Brakes and also a bit melancholic. What theme were you going for?

It was always about the hole someone leaves in a family when they go missing, adding Christmas to the situation just made it all the more poignant… I always notice in news reports for missing people the family often says “whatever trouble you’re in we can work it out, we just want you home” and that inspired the song.

Do you have a favourite Christmas standard / song that we should check out for the holidays this year?

Olly: “River” by Joni Mitchell – one of the truly greatest Christmas songs ever because it’s sad 🙂

Thank you Olly for your answers! If anyone is able to get the song, please let us know what it sounds like and/or send us the lyrics!

The song is available to Amazon Prime listeners right now in the Indie for The Holidays playlist, although if you’re in the UK you can also buy it here (or listen to a 30-second-preview).

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