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Help the Red Cross & get Turin Brakes on Dutch radio

The donate button is now offline. This post has been updated for the best way to request ‘Keep Me Around’ or another TB song ;).

This Friday (18th) December, Dutch national radio channel 3FM kicks off Serious Request, where people can request their favourite songs in exchange for a donation to the Red Cross. Millions of euros are collected for a great cause. This year they’re helping the generation of the future, currently living in war zones across the world. To help them go to school, help to keep them going.

How much should I donate?

Well, the options on the Serious Request website are 10, 25 or 50 euros by default, or an amount of your choice. But please decide how much you donate based on how much money  you want to give to the Red Cross to help children in war zones get an education and develop themselves and get a better life. Every little bit helps.

Why request a song instead of just donating the money to the Red Cross directly?

Because music has the power to bring people together. As Turin Brakes fans, let’s do this by sharing our passion (Turin Brakes music) and using it for a good cause.

Can I request Keep Me Around myself?

You can do so by filling it in as a free choice on this Dutch official site. Preferably on Monday when Ether Site will donate as well! Click on ‘Uitgebreid zoeken’. and then at the bottom fill in ‘Turin Brakes’ and ‘Keep Me Around’. You will then go through the donating process (via iDEAL, Paypal, Creditcard etc). Turin Brakes have two preselected songs (Sea Change and Painkiller) in the database, if you prefer those.  IDEALLY: Do this on MONDAY 21st so all the donations get there on the same day. Unless Monday’s already over. Then just go ahead and request it again!


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