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The 10 most popular Turin Brakes songs of 2015

So a little later than usual, but here are the Song of the Year competition in 2015. Thanks everyone for joining in, it’s much appreciated :). Below I will reveal the results of all your votes. And a selection of property YOU have lost and would like to get back ;). But first, check out these videos featuring the top 10 most popular Turin Brakes songs RIGHT NOW…

And the WINNER is….


If the first reviews are to be believed, the new song Save You on the Lost Property is one of the best things Turin Brakes have ever done. But according to the fans, right now, that is still the Save Me song that has topped the list for only the third time in over ten years of competitions (previously in 2011 and 2012). It’s the first song many of us heard and combines all the elements that make Turin Brakes great: great lyrics, great guitar work and a catchy rhythm to top things of. Last year the song was no. 2.


Released in 2010 on Outbursts, an album full of nature, emotion and indeed, outbursts, The Sea Change features a spell-binding rhythm, urgency in its topic and a catchy chorus. Nothing good can come from global warming, you’d think. But we got this song. So hey, that’s something! The Sea Change was no 10 last year, and Song of the Year in 2010.


Song of the Year 2008 has started its second stint in the top 3, it seems. Last year, the ultimate romantic TB song entered the top 3 after dropping out of the top 10 in 2013. This year, no such joking, it remains in third place. Check out this alternate video for it:


Hey Man! Loopa is the most popular non-album track this year. As always really. Number 19 last year, it remains popular, despite not having a proper video for it (check the live version below if you like your Loopa distorted ;)). Check out the proper version on Dark On Fire‘s bonus disc. Or stream it on Spotify.


You and me used to be on fire. YEA! Sure you were, State of Things, you used to be no. 1 in 2006! Way back when! Remember? We were both young and innocent… Nevermind! Anyway, good song right? Someone shot some footage of a railroad for it. Is there a train? Only one way to find out…


Yes. Slackers unite for some massive acoustic rock! Last year it came in at 31. Still in the live set as recently as December 2015, this song is rightfully a live classic and has been played live everywhere from Germany to Glastonbury and Australia and back. Here’s the classic rendition at Glastonbury for you… It has Phil Marten on the VERGE of imitating Phil Collins with tambourine antics:


This is how good Keep Me Around is! Entering the top 10 when it has only been out for a month or so. It’s catchy, awesome and MORE PEOPLE NEED TO HEAR IT. Send it to your friends and a smile will appear on their faces. If not, they’re not your friends anymore. I use this! Really! (not really, but you know, you get the point).


TB be rocking! Some very rocking songs in the top 10 this year, with Slack and now Dear Dad. Last year it’s follow-up track Blindsided Again came out on top (and the year before that as well) and Dear Dad was at 29 in the list, but now it’s time for lead-in to shine. Dear Dad is an awesome song in its own right, as can be witnessed in this session video:


YEA YEA ROCK ON! Turin Brakes biggest hit to date is always good for a number 10 entry (no. 6 last year) but still hasn’t topped the Song of the Year list yet… Perhaps it will at the end of this year? Or will a Lost Property song take the crown?


Remember when this song was on The O.C.? No me neither, but now we can finally see it (below). It’s casino-inspired intro makes us all want to spend cash when we hear it, so please pre-order Lost Property now if you haven’t done so yet. Now for that video of The O.C., apparently it’s ranked as only the 38th best music moment on the show, but can it really be better if it hasn’t got Rain City in it???:

Here’s the rest of the results this year:

11. (22) Red Moon
12. (01) Blindsided Again
13. (05) Emergency 72
14. (–) Forever
15. (39) Guess You Heard
16. (23) Sleeper
17. (06) Mind Over Money
18. (20) Mirror
19. (–) The Optimist
20. (–) So Long
21. (–) Apocolips
22. (–) Cumulous Clouds
23. (11) We Were Here
24. (–) 96
25. (–) Everybody Knows
26. (–) Blue Hour
27. (12) Feeling Oblivion
28. (08) Future Boy
29. (–) Rescue Squad
30. (07) Ether Song
31. (34) Full Of Stars
32. (–) Never Stops
33. (–) Paper Heart
34. (–) Stalker
35. (–) Where’s My Army
36. (28) Part Of The World
37. (–) Above The Clouds
38. (–) Balham To Brooklyn
39. (41) Goodbye
40. (37) Inbetween
41. (–) Invisible Boy
42. (13) Long Distance
43. (–) They Can’t Buy The Sunshine
44. (–) Timewaster
45. (33) Come and Go

Yes. The cut-off this year is at no. 45 because then Come & Go is in the list, which is an ideal closing song, isn’t it? Lots of re-entries in the top list after some dropped out of the (then) top 41. Favourite cover this year is Wicked Game, but closely followed by Moonlight Mile that got a lot of votes this year!

Thank you for voting, and as a bonus… Here’s some Lost Property of yours:

The new album is called ‘Lost Property’… What have you lost and would like to get back? Here’s my 11 favourite responses: 

  • Condition to play a football match
  • I have no regrets but I’d like to get back some old friends 🙂
  • My Youth
  • Lost – My life. Like back – My life
  • 32inch waist
  • The ability to stand throughout a gig without getting tired.
  • Short term memory
  • A ring of my departed grandmother.
  • My Jabba the Hut Return Of The Jedi figure.
  • I have lost easy access to my beloved CD collection which is currently in my loft gathering dust!
  • You 😉


Stick around and vote again December 2015! 🙂 Thanks for participating everyone!

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