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[Exclusive] Tom Speight on supporting, working with and being a fan of Turin Brakes

The support act for the upcoming Lost Property tour is quite a special one. For starters, he’s just released the A Little Love EP with a song co-written by Turin Brakes and backing vocals by Olly Knights. Also, he stood in line to get his Ether Song CD signed back in ’03… And now Tom Speight has co-written three songs from the upcoming Turin Brakes album. In this interview he talks about all that, his music and the upcoming tour.

How do you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?
I would say it’s acoustic pop mixed with americana influences..I think it’s always hard to pigeon hole yourself into one genre..I tend to try and just do whatever is right for the song.

41S+PYqtdpL._SS280What song(s) should fans definitely check out before your support slot on the Lost Property Tour? 
I think the ‘Little Love EP’ is a great introduction to what i do..very honest and direct! The production isn’t too grand..the songs just seem to speak for themselves.

What song do you most look forward to playing on tour?
I think it’s the next lead track ‘Falling’ It’s very uptempo and should really get the crowd moving plus it’s one of my newest songs.

What is the proudest moment in your music career so far?
That’s a tough one..I think maybe when I released ‘Willow Tree‘ that song seem to really connect with people..Over 40 people have got married to that song, Ryan Adams & Sir Paul McCartney are both fans too of that song so that’s very overwhelming.. I’m also very proud of how ‘Little Love’ is doing I really didn’t expect 150,000 plays on Spotify and for it to hit the Global Viral charts.

How did you meet Turin Brakes and where did you first hear about them?
I have been a fan of Turin Brakes since i was a teenager.. I waited in a Virgin Megastores to get my Ether Song cd signed by them. I first met them when we wrote ‘Little Love’ together we wrote two songs together in a day in a tiny room in London.

How did you end up working with TB on the new album? Did you go to Rockfield Studios to record anything too?
When it came to writing with them for their songs..It was an accident really! It was never really meant to happen but I think it was just a natural progression from writing for my stuff! I’m really proud of the songs I did with them and the fact they made the album is a dream. I didn’t go to Rockfield with them..maybe next time if they aren’t sick of the sight of me.

Lost Property 600x600What was it like working with a group of guys that have worked together over 15 years? 
It’s something i would like to aspire to have in years to come.. They are still best friends and have a great respect for each other! i think it’s rare these days.

What song/ collaboration on the LP album are you most proud of and why?
I think ‘Martini’ is a favourite of mine..I love the lyrics and Olly’s vocals on it! I think it really stands out on the album.

Are there any more collaborations with TB in the pipeline for later EPs or an album even?
Definitely! ..we’re just getting started with ‘Little Love’ we have written 20 songs together..so there is plenty more to come

And finally, any musical recommendations for us? 
Fionn Regan – The End Of History, The Shins – Oh Inverted World, Ryan Adams – 29:
Three albums that should brighten up any of your days..

Like Tom Speight on Facebook or follow him on Twitter to stay in the loop and know when he releases new tunes. A Little Love is out now on all good streaming services and digital music outlets (iTunes). You can get a good old physical cd here. Tom is supporting on all dates of the Lost Property UK tour. 

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