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Press Round-Up: Lost Property interviews and sessions

So if you’ve lost track about where and when Turin Brakes are popping up…. Here’s to make sure these interviews don’t become Lost Property (yes, I’m proud of this pun, a little bit). Anyway, here are some of those press appearances:

BBC Radio Wiltshire

A lovely interview on the Afternoon Show on BBC Wiltshire talking about fans (“the usual suspects at the barriers” ;)), the album release cycle and much more and Keep Me Around live:

BBC London Live at The Old Vinyl Factory

Here’s a nice interview about vinyl, the new album and two live songs: Keep Me Around and Underdog (Save Me) on BBC Radio London. It starts 2 hours and 44 minutes in.

The Independent Interview

If you like words you can read, The Independent has your back. Olly says things like: “We never wanted to be one of those bands that put out one great album and then stopped… we wanted to put out 10. So when you get to the end of our career there’ll be all these great stepping stones going right back to the beginning, because that’s what our favourite artists did. It’s a lifetime body of work, really.”

Songwriting Magazine interview

Somehow I forgot to post this interview for Songwriting Magazine earlier, but it’s definitely worth a read:

“In some ways, you can always tell it’s Turin Brakes. We’re a bit like Woody Allen who kind of remakes the same film over and over again and finds different angles on it. There’s nothing wrong with that; some of the greatest artists in history just refine and refine the same feeling and idea. I think you can never do enough, you can always do it better and you can always bring it into focus more and get your audience to feel what you’re trying to get across in more successful ways. The only people who’ll end it will be us, but there would have to be a big reason why we would stop.”

Gaesteliste.de interview

If you like your words in German, here’s a hopefully good interview für you.

“Ja, ausgehend von der Idee einer vierköpfigen Band wollten wir den Sound eines großen Universums erzeugen – anstatt einfach den von vier Jungs in einem Raum”, fällt Gale noch ein, “und dieses Mal ging es uns auch nicht darum, uns von Pro Tools fernzuhalten. Wir wollten modern klingen und mit zeitgemäßen Geschmacksempfindungen mithalten können.”

Full in-store performance

Just watch it:

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