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Lost Property enters UK Album Charts at 31!

Turin Brakes have something to celebrate: Lost Property made it into the UK Album Charts at no. 31 today. This is great news, because it means Lost Property is the first Turin Brakes studio album since Dark On Fire (no. 36) to break into the top 40. Outbursts and We Were Here missed out on the top 40 (entering the charts at 64 and 42), but now Lost Property‘s 31st placing means the highest-charting album since JackInABox, and all this on an indie label budget. It even surpasses Dark On Fire.

Turin Brakes Charts

So this is a great achievement for the label and the band, who have clearly managed to find a great audience with this latest piece of work and chartwise the trajectory appears to be upwards since signing to Cooking Vinyl in 2010. Hurrah! Onwards onto bigger things!


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