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Tour Press Round-Up: Interviews and articles

Some nice interviews for people that like nice interviews:

Frome Standard“It’s not a depressing album though, it has a sad but beautiful atmosphere and lots of hope and acceptance of things.”

The Daily Gazette“You can kind of analyse it but I really don’t know how we managed to stay around.” 

Renowned for Sound: “We’re looking forward to getting out to Europe and beyond. We always have an adventure. I hope more songs are born from the experience.”

WCRFM: The first 20 minutes of this show (autoplay MP3 warning, and after the news that is) are dedicated to the Turin Brakes. Including a phone interview with Olly.

BBC Radio Suffolk: Olly, Gale and Rob join Stephen Foster’s BBC Radio Suffolk here for a ten minute chat (1 hours and 44 minutes in).

New In The House: A nice little interview with Gale on Mixcloud here  ahead of earlier this month (4.50 minutes in).


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