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Press Round Up: Watch Turin Brakes talk about making ‘Lost Property’

Turin Brakes are on the road and doing promo and more at local newspapers, magazines and radio stations. Here’s what we found, with the highlight at the bottom:

  • Turin Brakes join Faye at BBC Radio Gloucester for a nice chat and a live performance of Keep Me Around. Listen here, 2 hours 13 minutes in!
  • WOW 24/7 interviews Gale here: “In the past we’ve been kind of holding back things for our integrity’s sake: we don’t do this – we do that, but this time we said we’ll do whatever, and to everyone’s great relief we’ve finally stopped the battle.”
  • What’sOn Birmingham has an interview as well, with Olly: “the theme of loss seemed to permeate the rest of the record so the title seemed apt for the whole project.”

And here’s something even more awesome than all the above, a video for Songwriting Magazine where Olly, Gale and Rob talk about the creation of the album. Pt.1 implies there’ll be more videos, so fingers crossed the rest of this series pops up soon!

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