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Turin Brakes on the cover of Acoustic Magazine

Turin Brakes grace the new cover of Acoustic Magazine this month. The magazine has been known to do features on the band and their acoustic guitars, but being featured with a huge picture on the cover is a first. So congrats to the guys!


There’s an excerpt from the article available on the website, in which Gale says:

“I am fond of my Charvel guitar, it’s made in Korea and it’s like the ‘heavy metal’ acoustic. It’s the most reliable thing in my life – I’ve had it for more years than I have not had it. If anything defines the Turin Brakes acoustic sound it’s probably the sound of the Charvel. Olly and I have conversations in the studio that go, ‘We could use a nice Martin on this track, or we could hire in some really nice top-end acoustics… or we could just use the guitars we always use!’ and that’s what tends to happen. I take the Charvel on the road with me because it’s robust and something of a workhorse, and we don’t mind the ‘working guitars’ getting some of the bumps and bangs that can’t be avoided on the road.

Gale also talks about the new album and writing songs for it. You can buy Acoustic Magazine no. 116 (April 2016) via Virtual Newsagent online, or, you know, in a real shop if you’re in the UK.


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