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Learn Italian with Turin Brakes (interview, it’s an interview)

There’s a great interview with Olly Knights on Slovenian radio (broadcast last Thursday) available for your listening pleasure. It’s 32 minute feature, where Olly gives a lot of interesting answers about their sound and the new Lost Property album. In between questions, the DJ translates Olly’s words for the listeners that don’t speak English very well to Italian. So that’s a way to improve your Italian if you like. Don’t get discouraged if you’re impatient though, there are some very interesting questions and answers in there. Olly picks Black Rabbit as a track and recalls the memories and influence of Watership Down from when he was much younger. Olly also mentions the meaning of Turin Brakes, and that most band names don’t even mean anything, referencing exotic sound of Turin compared to London and the wasteland type spaces (brake/brake waters) and combining those words to create a kind of abstract place where their music would fit.

The interview was recorded while on tour on the way to Cambridge. Despite the fact that the band have never played in Slovenia, it’s nice to a radio channel doing a deep dive into Lost Property and the band in 2016. The DJ seems like a big fan as well. Other songs in the interview are Save You and The Quiet Ones.

Listen here.


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