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LISTEN: Rosie Carney’s Antidote featuring Olly & Gale

Reports of Rosie Carney writing and working with Turin Brakes have been surfacing for a few years now, but it looks like we now have the first song surfacing where we can definitely be sure it’s by Rosie and Olly and Gale. Recorded live with the three of them, in fact.

Antidote‘ is a soft, gentle, bittersweet song that has

a) Olly counting to four in the beginning, and

b) features some very old-school TB slide guitar.

It has a similar vibe to some really old TB b-sides, like 9 to 5 and All Away.. A perfect antidote to a long day and night, I dare to say. Which is fitting since that’s the name of the song. More songs by Rosie can be found here.


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