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Listen again: Turin Brakes special on BFBS Radio

Turin Brakes join Amy Casey on BFBS Radio for an hour’s worth of interview and session and it’s excellent. The guys talk in detail about their career – especially Optimist and Ether Song era, the music they listened to growing up, their manager, 9/11 and their cancelled US tour and much much more. I was actually disappointed when they skipped from Ether Song to Lost Property in the interview, because I wanted to hear about the rest of it in detail as well!

Also, the guys play a lovely acoustic session that sounds really old-school for some reason. It includes tunes like Mind Over Money, Painkiller, Keep Me Around and Jump Start. It’s good people.

Go to this page and click on the player with “Weekend Breakfast Saturday – Part 4” below it. Flash player is required.

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