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Summer Festival Press Round-Up

So the Turin Brakes bus keeps calling at all these festivals in the past few months, including Splendour, Belladrum, Glastonbury and many others. The band take a deserved festival break until 3 September (Together The People) and 3 other festival later that month. After that, it won’t be long until the tour bus calls at many cities during Autumn and early December, so this Lost Property era keeps on trucking on for the foreseeable future. And that’s obviously a good thing.

Here’s some press that popped up in the past few weeks. If you have anything to add (photos, videos, reviews or reports) from the recent shows, send them to Ether Site and we’ll put them online!

  • Splendour Interview with Rob Allum here for Nottingham Post.
  • Essential Turin Brakes top 10 by Nicola here for Toppermost.
  • Jump Start at Bristol Zoo (clip).
  • Talking To Surrey Interview with Rob Allum here (The Guide 2 Surrey).
  • Cool ‘Noise Reel’-interview with Eddie Myer embedded below (from 4.30 minutes – he talks about the videos and his history with the band as well).
  • Photos by Michael Buttersworth here.
  • Turin Brakes photos on Instagram, follow TB here.
  • Listen again to Turin Brakes at Glastonbury 2003 here.

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