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Support Profile: Dog Byron

There’s a rather nice European tour happening next weekend, with the band playing Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Paris. Turin Brakes will headline, obviously, but the support act also worth checking out. Dog Byron supported TB in The Netherlands, Germany and Italy in April and are just now getting ready for their second stint in support the mighty Turin Brakes. Here’s our interview with Max Trani from Dog Byron! 

Who are Dog Byron, where are you from and how did you meet?
Hi, really thanks for this, Dog Byron is a kind of box 🙂 It’s me (Max) when I play alone and it’s a band when I play together with my fellow and great musicians Marco De Ritis on the Bass (who’s also a Dog Byron project founder) and Vieri Baiocchi on the drums. We are always glad to have some other friends on stage with us (in the DB box): for example Tommaso Calamita (also on bass) played with us in Italy supporting Turin Brakes last April (He’s also a great friend and important counselor for DB’s projects).

Where does your band name come from? 
We were in Russia (Marco and I) we were to an incredible all night long party…. At some point a certain Mr Byron decided to start and play a few Oasis covers (that we usually love) in a terribly bad way, making everyone leave and destroying the party…. so we dedicated the name of the band to that night… (but it’s just half of the story 😉

dogbyrontrioviericolourHow would you describe your music?
It’s always strange to give a name to what you write and play… I feel there are a lot of things inside…. Grunge..blues…rocknroll…soul…folk… But it’s just an opinion of mine… or a hope? 🙂

What is your proudest moment in your music career so far?
We are really lucky. Small or big we always do the things we love.. that represent good memories for our life. The first (just in order of time) might be supporting the UK band Bush in Italy… and also… playing with Turin Brakes in Hamburg at Molotow… it was the first with them outside Italy… We felt a strange energy… Something was beginning…maybe 🙂

What songs should fans check out before the gigs?
We are playing a Cure cover… It started as a joke, but we like to play it… We also made a low fi video dedicated to our touring between April an June (in particular with Turin Brakes). And maybe our last full band show in Koln:


What song do you look forward to playing on tour the most? 
The “news” is that we are going to play as a preview a new song, a Soul song, really for the first time… BROKEN WITCHES… I’m looking forward to this one 🙂

How did you meet Turin Brakes / end up supporting them on their EU tour dates?
Rob checked out a few videos of us on Youtube… At the time TB were looking for a support band for their EU Tour… So he sent me an e-mail: “Are you interested in supporting us in Europe?” “I’m sorry, I don’t know… I have to think about it…” ahahaha I’m kidding obviously! We said immediately: “Yes, we are IN..” And it was the beginning of a really , really special experience. So thank you again Guys :).

How well do you know Turin Brakes? Any stories? We’ve heard tales of Italian style drinking?
I don’t know how well we know Turin Brakes… I’m sure they taught us a lot of important things about music… But also for sure, we taught them how Italian grappa is cool. 🙂  Funny moments and good memories in the backstages… 🙂

Anything else we should know about Dog Byron? 
See you on and under stage… it’s the best way to know Us. 🙂

Where can fans follow you online?


Dog Byron support Turin Brakes for the second time on 14 October in Amsterdam, 15 October in Eindhoven and 16 October in Paris. Tickets for these shows are still available! Check the details here.

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