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Listen to Melanie C’s Turin Brakes song in our new collaborations playlist

Yesterday saw the release of the new Melanie C album Version of Me. The former Spice Girl has released a collection of songs that you can dance or sing along to, including one co-written by Olly and Gale in Olly’s studio ‘shed’. It’s called Something For The Fire (a title which reminds me personally of the Dark on Fire era of TB land and the Something Out of Nothing EP that came with it). The song itself has fairly stripped down choruses which evolve into a very electronic chorus. There’s a lot going on towards the end, so multiple listens will be rewarded. The lyrics are being described as philosophical. The song is also rumoured to be the next single.

You can listen to the song in the new TB Collaborations, Co-writes + Covers playlist on Spotify, which also includes tracks released by Take That, Hudson Taylor, Luke Sital-Singh and solo project such as Olly’s If Not Now When and Eddie’s jazz album. Also present is the EP Olly and Gale made with Gaobi (which is a whole different beast) and the song Rob, Eddie and Little Phil wrote with Sia, The Girl You Lost To Cocaine. You can subscribe to the playlist and we’ll update it with new songs as they’re being released.



Melanie C’s new album is available digitally and in physical formats now. You can buy the song on Amazon or iTunes, for example.

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