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“Exciting announcement” coming next Monday

Something’s brewing in TBHQ. While the band are wrapping up the Lost Property Tour this weekend, with a gig in Reading tonight, the band have taken to social media to announce an announcement for after the weekend.

It is very likely this is for the release of the new Turin Brakes album, recorded earlier this year in Rockfield Studios. Hopefully we’ll be able to hear (part of) a new song and perhaps pre-order the new album, which is likely to come out in the new year, since the holidays are usually a time for contemplation and best ofs…

The only new material played live thusfar is a song called Tomorrow, so there’s not a lot we know right now, apart from vinyl being pressed this week and mixing taking place over the last few months.

All will be revealed on Monday. Get ready to board the rollercoaster, ride the storm, surf the waves and all. It’s gonna be fun. 🙂 I can’t wait.

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