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New song premieres tomorrow, more ‘Invisible Storm’ details revealed

Cooking Vinyl has revealed more details about Invisible Storm. Tomorrow (10 November) will see the premier of first download Would You Be Mine? with more song titles are revealed in a newsletter update send out yesterday:

The music starts as it has since the beginning – with voices and guitars, and evolves outwards from there – the journey ‘Invisible Storm’ takes runs from the acoustic centre of the band’s sound in tracks like ‘Deep Sea Diver‘ and ‘Don’t Know Much‘, through to the indie-pop groove of ‘Wait‘ and ‘Life Forms‘ and far beyond into wide-screen space with ‘Would You be Mine‘ and ‘Other Side of the Sun‘…

In the same message, Olly talks about the album title.

Olly: “The idea of an invisible storm came to me as a theme during the end of writing the album, I’ve always loved the quote ‘everyone you meet is fighting their own war, so be kind’. Invisible Storm (the album) is very much coming from that sentiment, that we are all at the mercy of our own internal weather systems despite outward appearances that may paint different pictures. This album tries to trace a line between these tense internal struggles and what’s happening outside of ourselves. Perhaps even suggesting a link between the invisible storms of our inner worlds and the outer tensions and social and political storms that seem to be sweeping the world these days.”

Tomorrow we’ll get a hint of the wide-screen space then! Counting down for lift-off then!

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