Full Invisible Storm Tracklist revealed

With the first song being released, we now have the full tracklist for Turin Brakes’ upcoming album Invisible Storm. It runs as follows:

  1. Would You Be Mine (4:32)
  2. Wait (3:11)
  3. Always (2:39)
  4. Lost in the Woods (3:33)
  5. Deep Sea Diver (3:39)
  6. Life Forms (2:57)
  7. Invisible Storm (3:32)
  8. Everything All at Once (3:02)
  9. Tomorrow (3:11)
  10. Smoke and Mirrors (5:05)
  11. Don’t Know Much (3:46)

The first song is available for streaming / download now. If you have pre-ordered the album it should be a free download! The full album will be available on 26 January 2018…


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