STREAM: Would You Be Mine, the new Turin Brakes song

Here it is! The album opener of the new Turin Brakes album Invisible Storm. All I’m gonna say is Would You Be Mine rocks, I can’t decide whether Eddie’s bass or Gale’s guitar or Rob’s drums or Olly’s vocals or the brass section or the synths are the star of this thing. But let me know what you think in the comments. After you’ve finished dancing in your room.

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1 comment on “STREAM: Would You Be Mine, the new Turin Brakes song

  1. Justin Smith

    Listening to new stuff from TB always makes me a bit nervous, just because I am a fan I don’t want to automatically say “I love it”. But this song is bloody brilliant and really catchy. The arrangement is great, the rhythm and bass sounds really funky, and the synth sounds makes the new song stand out from other albums.
    This makes me even more excited about the new album and it will make a great live song.

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