Turin Brakes will play free instore at Fopp Covent Garden

Turin Brakes will be performing live and signing copies of their new album Invisible Storm at the Fopp store in Covent Garden. This free instore will take place on 26 January at 5.30 pm. Copies of the album will be available at the event, although you can also just bring your own pre-ordered copy.

If you pre-order via the official site or join the mailinglist you have a chance to win one of the polaroids used on the cover of Invisible Storm.

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2 comments on “Turin Brakes will play free instore at Fopp Covent Garden

  1. Paul Rebane

    Hi Stefan
    Are you aware of any other in store events in the run up to the release of Invisible Storm?

  2. @Paul: YES! See the latest post of Ether Site for two more instores!

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