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Get or gift Invisible Storm and help Turin Brakes make Top 40

So, this release week appears to be going rather well, and Turin Brakes are currently hovering in the UK Album Top 40 with the new album Invisible Storm. To make sure the album does chart, please consider buying another copy – either for a friend or yourself right this week, at least before the charts are revealed this Friday. As the link below reveals, you can order a digital copy of the album by text:

Of course, you can also buy the album on iTunes or Amazon. Or support your local record store and get it from there. Charts do feel a bit like a thing of the past at times, but then again they’re still relied upon by promoters and booking agents and making the charts is still kind of a big deal these days therefore.

If you decide to buy your copy at a local record store, Turin Brakes are on the road playing several in-stores for the remainder of the week. So you might see them there…:

If anyone is going to these in-stores, please report back with details. We wanna know setlist etc.!

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