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The 18 most popular Turin Brakes songs of 2018

Here it finally is (sorry for the delays everyone), the list of most popular songs of 2018. Thanks to your votes, we have a great list of songs once again. Hope you like it! And if not, well, you voted for it… So it’s all in your hands next year!!


The one and the only. Though there are many songs by Turin Brakes I like – obviously, there’s only one that I’ve played the most according to my playing stats, and that’s Fishing For A Dream. Released in 2005 as the lead single from JackInABox, the video features Olly sporting long hair and a red carpet running through what I believe is Newcastle. The song remains a live favourite and has given me goosebumps at almost every Turin Brakes gig I’ve been to. If that isn’t saying enough, I guess the fact that it was song of the year before, and now 2018, should be enough to conclude: this is one of the greats.

2. Underdog (Save Me)

Another one of the great Turin Brakes classics, going back all the way to The Optimist LP in 2001. I guess, with 2019 now here and kicking on, it’s a weird idea that our band is now 20 years old and songs like this one – which were written in 1999–2001 era, are now almost 20 years old. This is one of the few songs that has probably been played at every Turin Brakes gig in Turin Brakes history – at least since it was released. Here’s a live version recorded last year at BBC Music The Biggest Weekend.

3. Invisible Storm

The title track of the recent album released in 2018. One of the great tragedies of 2018 – in my opinion – is that the song didn’t get played live more. It had an outing on the first tour supporting the album, and it sounded pretty epic I must admit. But it didn’t show up in the set list on tour after the Summer. Which disappointed me. But yea, all we can hope for is that it will make a comeback now it’s number 3 in the Song of the Year list… So that’s something, no? Also, my friend Maurice recorded the song in Cologne, so we at least have something to cherish.

4. Painkiller (Summer Rain)

How about some appreciation for the band still rocking their biggest commercial success 15 years after its release (by the time this goes live the song is actually 16 years old). Respect. Now here’s the song, about 16 years ago…

5. Keep Me Around

This is the more recent radio hit that is still in the live set list too (in fact like most songs in the list here!). The studio version makes me whistle and sing along. Live, it makes me dance. The song is the exact length to not overstay its welcome – and to make you want to play it again. Okay, I’ll play it again.

6. Rain City

Good old, Rain City with its casino-chord intro and the mellow harmonies. It’s a philosophical tune, as there are more of in the oeuvre of TB, but I feel like this one is a bit more reflective than most, and maybe even less inspired by one thought in particular. More of a mood, I guess.

7. The Sea Change

I love how The Sea Change has made its way back into the live set in recent years. I know, it shouldn’t be too surprising for a single to be played live, but somehow this song seems to have the odds stacked against it. With its African drum type thing, and its sense of urgency, I guess. And while it’s been years since we last saw Gale doing the African drum thing on stage (sadly), the song has rightly become a great part of the live set. And since we haven’t stopped the climate change thing yet, it probably should stay in there for a fair few years to come.

8. Blindsided Again

The epic guitar solo in this song warrants a place in the top 19 alone. Sadly its follow-up Dear Dad didn’t make the list the top 18. Here’s a live version performed at SXSW.

9. State of Things

This will probably remain my favourite of favourite Turin Brakes songs. There’ll be songs that are catchier than this one, there’ll be songs that are grander than this. But there’s only one song that is as catchy and grand. And that’s State Of Things.

10. We Were Here

The title track from the first in the trilogy of albums made with Ali Staton at Rockfield Studios in Wales. Wondering if they’ll be there for the next recording session? This completes the top 10 this year, but we have some more gems to share, so after this, stay with us for more classic TB songs…

11. Lost In The Woods

This is probably my favourite of the songs from the album, and the one I put at number 1 in my list. I’m really happy it got an excellent video to accompany it. The song and the video really work on every level and I hope the song is well on its way to become a classic in the oeuvre of TB.

12. Don’t Know Much

The album closer of Invisible Storm is one in a series of melancholic tunes. It’s humming in the background reminds a little of Rain City, yet somehow the songs feel much more modern. The video is classic Turin Brakes as well.

13. Ether Song

Hidden away as hidden track 13 at the end of Ether Song, for those of you that still listen to physical formats, is this gem. For that reason along, the song creeping in after a few minutes of silence, the resurgence of vinyl is a good thing. Now I’m off to find this on eBay, since it’s the only I record I don’t own on vinyl just yet (apart from Dark on Fire which has sadly not been released on vinyl yet).

14. Everything All At Once

This is a bit of fresh air on the record that is Invisible Storm, it makes an urgent, change of pace, with a stomping drum sound and Gale’s electric riffs. Sandwiched between Invisible Storm and Tomorrow, the song not only works on its own, but also as a palette cleanser after the epicness that came before and the classic vibe that comes next.

15. Future Boy

Have you ever mimed this whole song to your companions at a Turin Brakes live show. I have. Multiple times. And I will do it again.

16. Save You

This song got its moment in the spotlight thanks to the ABC television series Designated Survivor, picked up by Netflix to air worldwide. It might have been out of the set list for the tour that followed and thus only thought of occasionally, when the moment is right. Thankfully, this song got something much better: it found a whole new audience. And a whole new audience found the band.

17. Would You Be Mine

Proof of the fact that Turin Brakes’ kind of make their albums with the live set in the back of their mind comes in the form of the absolutely excellent Would You Be Mine. I didn’t think that after 96 they’d write a better set opener, but I’d argue that they succeeded in Would You Be Mine.

18. Above The Clouds

I’m kind of hoping that one of these days, a song of Turin Brakes gets lifted into mainstream media and becomes even bigger than itself. Kind of like Above The Clouds made it onto Love Island but, you know, even better. But how fun is it to see this album track suddenly closing this top 18? Very fun I’d argue. Beautiful harmonies.

Once again, thanks for voting everyone :).

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