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Kevin Pearce set to support Turin Brakes on all Acoustic Tour dates

Kevin Pearce

Kevin Pearce, who supported Turin Brakes at their London Acoustic gig in February (and before that during the We Were Here era) is set to accompany Turin Brakes on their acoustic tour during the upcoming Autumn and Winter.

This can only be seen as excellent news, as it may result in revisiting this piece of Turin Brakes history: a rousing performance of Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, originally by Neil Young.

Besides being an excellent dude all round, Kevin Pearce is an excellent artist as well. He collaborated with Olly Knights on a song called Bedlam. And Eddie plays bass on several tracks of his album Dynamite.

More recently, Kevin released his album So On, which can be streamed on the Interwebs. He has a headline gig on 17 September at The Green Note in London coming up, as well as a gig at The Drawing Room in Chesham on 22 June. Recommended.

Here’s the full list of dates Kevin is supporting!

October 3rd – City Varieties, Leeds (w/Turin Brakes)

October 4th – Warwick Arts Centre, Warwick (w/Turin Brakes)

October 5th – Salisbury Arts Centre, Salisbury (w/Turin Brakes)

October 6th – Gulbenkian, Canterbury (w/Turin Brakes)

October 10th – Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham (w/Turin Brakes)

October 11th – Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham (w/Turin Brakes)

October 12th – Arlington Arts Centre, Newbury (w/Turin Brakes)

October 13th – McMillan Theatre, Bridgewater (w/Turin Brakes)

October 17th – Junction 2, Cambridge (w/Turin Brakes)

October 18th – Bingham Hall, Cirencester (w/Turin Brakes)

October 19th – Civic Hall, Nantwich (w/Turin Brakes)

October 20th – The Stables, Milton Keynes (w/Turin Brakes)

November 21st – Tolbooth, Stirling (w/Turin Brakes)

November 22nd – Tolbooth, Stirling (w/Turin Brakes)

November 23rd – Fat Sams, Dundee (w/Turin Brakes)

November 24th – Lemon Tree, Aberdeen (w/Turin Brakes)

November 29th – Pocklington Arts Centre, Pocklington (w/Turin Brakes)

November 30th – The Grand, Clitheroe (w/Turin Brakes)

December 1st – Civic Hall, Cottingham (w/Turin Brakes)

December 5th – Pheonix, Exeter (w/Turin Brakes)

December 6th – The Globe, Cardiff (w/Turin Brakes)

December 7th – Regent Centre, Christchurch (w/Turin Brakes)

December 8th – Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester (w/Turin Brakes)


January 16th – Epstein Theatre, Liverpool (w/Turin Brakes)

January 17th – Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal (w/Turin Brakes)

January 18th – Palace Theatre, Newark (w/Turin Brakes)

January 19th – The Horn, St Albans (w/Turin Brakes)

January 30th – The Sage, Gateshead (w/Turin Brakes)

January 31st – The Met, Bury (w/Turin Brakes)

February 1st – Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton (w/Turin Brakes)

February 2nd – Octagon Theatre, Yeovil (w/Turin Brakes)

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