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Happy New Song of the Year & Decade contest!

Welcome in 2020. A new decade, a new world, but some things are still the same: Turin Brakes, for example, are still touring acoustically for some months to come… While we didn’t look back a lot in December here on Ether Site, it’s now time to remedy that by having a Song of the Year AND a Song of the Decade contest.

You can vote now up to 16 January 2020, when Turin Brakes are playing the Epstein Theatre in Liverpool. Vote by filling in the form below… But first the rules:

  • Vote for your current favourite top 9 Turin Brakes songs. Anything goes apart from cover songs.
  • The Turin Brakes Song of the Decade must have been released between January 2010 and December 2019. That means it must be any song from the studio albums Outbursts, We Were Here, Lost Property, Invisible Storm or related releases, Rescue Squad from the Xerox EP and collaborations (such as songs with Tom Speight, Mel C and other artists DO count, but not cover songs). Olly’s solo album If Not Now When is also very much allowed. Just remember: you can ONLY pick one.
  • If you accidentally vote for a song that is not allowed, I’ll simply skip it, the rest of your entry remains valid.
  • Voting closes on 16 January at 5.59pm UK time.

So, with all that out of the way… Get to voting now!

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