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Turin Brakes Song of the Year 2020 contest: vote now!

The Turin Brakes Song of the Year contest is here. It’s been a year, folks! And it’s back with a twist, but the basics are still the same: YOU vote for the Turin Brakes songs YOU like!

Vote for your current favourite top 7 Turin Brakes songs. Anything goes apart from cover songs. Olly’s solo work? Sure! Lounge at the Edge of Town? YES! OKPM hell yeah! Just pick the 7 songs that helped you navigate 2020 or are just resonating with you right now. Here’s a list for inspiration (although I’ve not yet added the side projects, I’ll get right on that)… If you accidentally vote for a song that is not allowed, I’ll simply skip it, the rest of your entry remains valid. 🙂

If you have ANYTHING to share about one or more of the songs that you’re voting for and you don’t mind us sharing it in our video livestream, please share it with us using the text box below. We might get back in touch with some questions or not. If the form doesn’t work for some reason, you can still e-mail us at!

You can vote now up to 31 December 2020 midnight… So until the end of the year. We’ll announce the winners in a very special episode of Ether Site On Air Live on 2 January 2021 at 8 PM (UK time).

Alright-y… Get in touch with if you have any questions.

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