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Turin Brakes are DJs on Brixton Radio again

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Turin Brakes joined Brixton Radio yesterday between 2 pm and 3 pm for an hour of music and some light banter. They played the following music:

  • Turin Brakes – Asleep With The Fireflies (live at KEXP)
  • Sampa the Great – Mwana
  • Royce Wood Junior – Slush
  • Mildlife – Automatic
  • Beastie Boys – Root Down
  • Turin Brakes – Reach Out (Midfield General cover)
  • Fugazi – Waiting Room
  • Lounge At The Edge of Town – I Know The Day
  • Suicide – Dream Baby Dream
  • Ian Drury – Clevor Trever
  • Gil Scott-Heron – I’m New Here

Besides the music, we learned about Gale’s turtle, how Fugazi influenced Painkiller and some other influences on the world of TB. It was all rather enjoyable, I wouldn’t mind these kind of things happening more frequently… Anyway, the set should be up on Mixcloud soon, we’ll update this article when it happens. If it doesn’t, I may or may not have a recording of it somewhere and upload that in some kind of virtual cloud….

UPDATE: here’s a stream for you:

They previously did a set last November, which you CAN listen to on Mixcloud.

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