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Join the Ether Site Turin Brakes Christmas Collaboration Party (online)

Ether Site invites all Turin Brakes fans to join in on a digital Turin Brakes Christmas party, with fans all across the world (hopefully) celebrating all things Turin Brakes. Join Maurice and Myself on the 29th of December from 8PM (UK time) for some festive fun.

While this all may sound like another edition for Ether Site On-Air Live, it is most definitely something different. We’re planning to use Zoom to set up a call where everybody can join in and participate (or just be quiet and listen, whatever works for you). We will dive into the world of Turin Brakes collaborations, focusing on solo & side projects, collaboration between the band members and other artists. And who knows what else might happen, it’s a party after all!

We’re doing this show as a group video call so it’s more private. We’re probably gonna use Zoom, but we’re still working out the technical details. It won’t be available on demand afterwards so feel free to live in the moment, join in, sing your heart out or read your Turin Brakes inspired poetry…

Here’s how it works:

  • RSVP via the form below. Make sure your email address is correct so we can send you the link!
  • Send us your ideas, suggestions etc for the party if you want via the form (or get in touch via the socials later). If you have a live video you want us to play, or something you want to read, or photos to share: let us know and we’ll make it work. Everything goes, it’s a party!
  • Right after Christmas we will send you the link you can use to join the Zoom call.
  • Get ready for Turin Brakes awesomeness on the 29th. Feel free to dress up, get in touch, whatever you need to feel ready!

We hope you’re up for it, we sure are! Also, if you’re unable to join for whatever reason, we’ll have a more traditional Ether Site On Air Live in the works as well, stay tuned for more info on that!


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