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Turin Brakes release new song Isolation on streaming platforms

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Turin Brakes have released another track from the forth-coming Wide-Eyed Nowhere. The song is called Isolation and debuted during The Optimist Lp 20th Anniversary tour last year. It can be listened to here:

If you want to compare it to the live version, check it out here (please note that Eddie was out with Covid-19 when the band was in Cardiff), which means the song was a bit more stripped-down. The studio version has many layers, including Gale on saxophone!

This is another great teaser for the upcoming new Turin Brakes album. While people might think the song was inspired by the pandemic, it actually pre-dates it, as Olly says in the press release:

“The song was written in 2018 and is about willing inner peace and the acceptance of solitude. While walking on a south coast beach after a bout of sleeplessness the sun came up and turned the beach gold, the chorus of the song popped into my head and we turned it into something joyous, celebrating isolation as a chance to re-set and transcend our troubles”.

Wide-Eyed Nowhere is Turin Brakes’ ninth full studio album, a set of new songs emerging 21 years after their seminal debut (which was reissued last year, and flew to the top spot of the Indie Album Chart). The South London 4-Piece comprising Olly Knights, Gale Paridjanian, Rob Allum and Eddie Myer recorded this new set of songs at Twin Palms – Olly’s garden studio – over the summer of 2021.

Listen on Spotify here.

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