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Turin Brakes start work on 10th album at Konk studios

Turin Brakes have announced on Instagram that they’ve started recording their 10th studio album. The band have chosen to return to Konk studios, which is one of London’s longest standing privately owned studios. It was established in the early 1970s by The Kinks. Turin Brakes have used Konk studios before. After recording Wide-Eyed Nowhere mostly at Olly’s home studio, the album was mixed at Konk. Most of The Optimist LP was recorded there as well (apart from The Road and By TV Light which were recorded at Westfield). So it’s very fitting to see the band return there for TB10 after being a band for 25 years.

This probably means that most of the songwriting has been done and it’s now to the band the lay down the tunes on a new record. One would assume that the album will come out somewhere in the first half of 2025 if all goes well, but we’ll see what happens. And we’re also curious whether any tracks will be tested on the road on the Acoustic Tour.

Turin Brakes have sometimes said they are a 10-album-band so there’s some pressure riding on this one. 😉 Let’s hope for another classic!

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