Thank you for visiting Ether Site. Ether Site is a Turin Brakes fansite started in May 2003 by Stefan Meeuws. Despite long pauses between albums for the band and a social life of his own, Stefan never gave up on the website – or the band. Some may call this stupid, he calls it dedication ;-). Besides, the music’s good and while that’s the case, why stop?

You’re currently viewing the 5th version of this website. The really old (first) version is still available for your viewing pleasure here (ooh sorry that link no longer works now). Now that brings back memories. All I used was Microsoft Paint and Notepad. See, I used my own code. But when it was time to choose between ‘a life’ and being a ‘codemaster’… I chose a life. Apparently, Gale used to think I was a coding guy. Such a brilliant guitarist, but clearly not a great judge of profession ;). I am more of a writer really. So after a while I started using blogging software. First Movable Type which was OK, and then I switched to WordPress. So now this thing runs on WordPress. Isn’t that exciting? No? Oh, okay…

I hope this all works for you. If you have questions, feel free to e-mail me (stefan@turinbrakes.nl). I’d love to hear from you… Or come say ‘Hi!’ if you see me at one of the gigs! I really like talking to fans. Not just my own, also TB’s ;). I’ve got to know some great people since I started going to Turin Brakes gigs. I’m usually quite friendly. Any questions? Check out the frequently asked questions.

Thank you for taking the time to read all this. 🙂 So now on to the legal bits and bops and the credits. I rather love end credits, so I made my own. If you feel your name should be in here, do let me know:

Ether Site is a fansite and has no affiliations with Turin Brakes or any artist associated with the band. Ether Site is not responsible for comments or claims made by visitors in the Comments and / or other user-driven sections of this website. Ether Site is not responsible for any linked content not hosted on the Ether Site domain (https://www.turinbrakes.nl). This includes YouTube, Soundcloud and other embeddable video and audio players. Original website design, written content and original pictures copyright (c) 2003-2016 Stefan Meeuws. All Rights Reserved.

All content on this website, except the audio, was either originally created by Stefan Meeuws or the original owners (which is usually stated – no copyright infringement intended), and can be shared, duplicated, copied, transmitted, or altered as long as you credit the original owner. This goes mainly for the text and the pictures without proper credits. Photo copyright is obviously owned by the photographer (or the medium it was photographed for in some cases). The music copyright is owned by Source Recordings (Virgin UK) (up to Dark On Fire, but including Bottled At Source) and Turin Brakes / Cooking Vinyl (everything starting with Sea Change / Outbursts), unless stated otherwise.

Version 5.4
(launched 2012)

Webmaster & Editor-in-Chief:
Stefan Meeuws
(except where stated otherwise)

Site Design by:
Meeee! Based on the Yoko WordPress Theme by Elmastudio.de

The Ether Site logo is a cut-and-paste job from the Ether Song cover art. I tried to think of something new, but couldn’t come up with anything better… So to change it now after thirteen years??

Stefan Meeuws
Jordi Bieger
This site runs on WordPress (it features some scripts that do not require WordPress, those were made by my good friend Jordi. Who has a terrible taste in music but excellent mad programming skills and almost a Phd in robot overlording).

Turin Brakes
(unless stated otherwise)

Ether Site is secretly a part of:
Pimfandischasjo Productions

Special Thanks:
Olly Knights & Gale Paridjanian – for being the best darn band around but not going on about it.
Rob Allum, Eddy Myer & (formerly the keyboard player) Phil Marten – for making it sound as great live as it does (please come back Phil!).
Shazia – for becoming one of my best friends ever and gig partner in crime after I outbid her on a JackInABox promo on eBay
Evelyn – for posting the news for a while.
Mischa – for pointing out Turin Brakes in the first place.

Pimfandischasjo – May the powers of Otte protect you!

Thank You:
Andy (Cureable Mistakes),
Martin Jaye,
Michael J.,

and all other Turin Brakes (and music) fans I met along the way. They make it fun to keep going and validate me beginning with this site in the first place.

Soundtrack available on Source Recordings 😉


(I added this to make it more film like eh!)

No animals were harmed during the making of this website. Unless my hosting provider likes to do that sort of thing, but I hope not.

Also, this website does have active connections to social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. They are offered for your convenience, I hope you don’t mind.

All Rights Reserved Ether Site 2003-2016 ©

An Ether Site production 2003-2016 ©

I’d love to read about your thoughts… Why not send me an e-mail via the contact page?

I panic at the quiet times…

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