Right, I admit… There’s more on the internet than just this site… So, check out the websites below, they might be useful! Additions?

Turin Brakes @ IMDB
Turin Brakes profile at, featuring a (incomplete) list of soundtrack appearances.
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Sound Of Violence Profile
French music fansite. Includes news and reviews on Turin Brakes (and many others).
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Ether Site Myspace Group
Join the Myspace group to talk about Turin Brakes. Amongst the members so far are the webmaster and Turin Brakes themselves. Nice!
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See what Turin Brakes songs are most popular… Millions of users send their music listening habits to this site and provide an inside in what songs and artists are most popular…
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Music Match Guide on Turin Brakes
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Turin Brakes @ E-Festivals
Artist profile on E-festivals with festival gigography and photos from various shows.
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Turin Brakes @ Barrowlands 2005
The Barrowlands gig can be bought here for 3 pounds.
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German biography and more on Turin Brakes.
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Turin Brakes tabs at
Search for Turin Brakes tabs at
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MTV: Turin Brakes
MTV Music on Turin Brakes
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Turin Brakes on Myspace
The official Turin Brakes Myspace profile.
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Turin Brakes on Wikipedia
Here you can find the Turin Brakes entry in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
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Turin Brakes YouTube search
Here you can find videos on YouTube with Turin Brakes in it. You can find music videos, covers, live clips and other weird things.
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Perou Inc. Turin Brakes photos
Amazing, brilliant, whatever you want to call these pictures, but they’re VERY GOOD!
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Yahoo! Gruppi: turinbrakes
Italian Yahoo! group on Turin Brakes. For the Italian and English speaking fan.
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The Australian official EMI Music website. Features some interviews.
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Turin Brakes @ Recordstore
Here you can buy the albums and some exclusive merchandise that you won’t find elsewhere!
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Backstreet Merchandise: Online Store
Here you can buy several T-shirts and a poster from the Ether Song-era.
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VH1: Turin Brakes Artist Section
Artist section on Turin Brakes, made by VH1.
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Les Turin Brakes | Le Fanclub
French Turin Brakes fansite.
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Fansite on Turin Brakes by Stuart Foster.
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Anvil Recordings
Record company that released The Door EP back in 1999, before everything else.
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Turin Brakes Germany
German official website. With news, downloads and more, all in German.
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Astralwerks: Turin Brakes
Astralwerks website for Turin Brakes. Astralwerks is the US label that releases Turin Brakes and other (former) Source Records bands there.
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Website by Virgin & EMI with official news and lots of media.
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Turin Brakes – Official Website
The official website. For official news and annoucements, a lot of photos and words from Olly and Gale!
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