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The Optimist: Live

Released: 11-11-2011 on Concert Live as CLCD388 (Europe)

Live recording of The Optimist Live gig in Koko, London on 11 November 2011. The cover art implies there's a recording of Manchester Cathedral as well, but this is false information. It is, however, the only album that includes Rescue Squad to date.

1. Feeling Oblivion (live)
2. Underdog (Save Me) (live)
3. Emergency 72 (live)
4. Future Boy (live)
5. The Door (live)
6. State Of Things (live)
7. By TV Light (live)
8. Slack (live)
9. Starship (live)
10. The Road (live)
11. Mind over Money (live)
12. The Optimist (live)
13. Rescue Squad (live)
14. Pain Killer (live)
15. Fishing For A Dream (live)
16. Rain City (live)
17. Stone Thrown (live)
18. Last Chance (live)
19. Long Distance (live)
20. Chim Chim Cher-Ee (live)
21. Underdog (Save Me) (long version) (live)

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