Road to album 5 (Outbursts)

Below you’ll find everything there is to tell on Album 5. Things may change here over time, but in the end it will be a nice document telling us how Album 5 came to be.

Title: Outbursts
Release Date: UK: 01 March 2010 / EU: 26 February 2010 / USA: 30 March 2010 .
the album will be released by Cooking Vinyl.

  • 22 Feb 2009: The Sea Change (digital single, 1st of 3 videos available)
  • Covers EP

Confirmed tracklist:
Sea Change
Rocket Song
Paper Heart
The Invitation
Will Power
Never Stops
The Letting Down
Radio Silence

What will the album be like?
Some acoustic live versions are available on the internet. Judging from previous releases, every album has been a reaction to another. So far the recordings have been without a fulltime producer (apart from the guys themselves). There was a clip of a country instrumental song on the official website (since November 2008 up to mid 2009), but is it unclear whether this is any hint as to how the album will turn out. Apparently, the album has been mastered by the same guy that mastered The Optimist LP and more people working on the first TB album have returned to work with the band.

In an update (March 2009) on the official site Olly describes the new material as ‘new school folk’.

In May 2009 Olly discusses the new album progress more extensively in an interview with The Last Broadcast:

As usual the goalposts shift on every conversation, mood, random comment, change in wind direction, bad/good lunch experience…. I think it’s safe to say it’s new and progressive enough to warrant bothering to make it but we are also trying to re-vitalise an acoustic edge. Using voices where synths used to be and mixing acoustic drums and percussion with electronic pulses, bleeps beeps and crackles. It’s been great having no time pressure from any label, it’s allowing us to really get to the bottom of each track, they are beginning to sound very layered, each one is a journey.

When was the album recorded?
Olly and Gale have recorded the new material in their studio called The TB Inc. in Brixton, London since late October 2008. Recordings were finished during the Summer of 2009. The band have collaborated with people like Henry Gaobi, but it’s unclear whether this collaboration will be on the album.

02 January 2010:
On BBC Radio 2 Dermot O’Leary show, the band announced that The Sea Change will be the first single of the new album, and will be released on 22 February.
01 December 2009: The band confirm that the album is now definitely called Outbursts and will be released in early March on Cooking Vinyl.
26 October 2009: Olly announces mastering is to take place with Frank Arkwright (from The Optimist LP) today and leaks the tracklist via Twitter.
07 September 2009: Olly and Gale clarify on BBC WM Radio that Outbursts is still the working title. It is the title of the last song on the album and might very well end up to be the actual title. But they haven’t actually named the album yet. Gale adds that the album should be out in January, February. In another radio interview, Olly mentions they are talking to a label.
09 August 2009:
In an interview the album it is revealed the album is called Outbursts.
10 July 2009:
Olly posts a picture on Twitter of Gale and Al Stone (The Optimist) mixing a song called Will Power.
22 May 2009:
Olly tweets: “managed to pretty much finish off the tracks last night! Listening through them this morning is a buzz, nearly two years work! Next Mixing.”
21 May 2009:
Olly tweets: “Just laid down some golden piano on a new track called mirror , just in time for lunch”.
16 May 2009:
Olly says at a Canterbury gig that the band will try to release album 5 in Jan 2010.
15 May 2009:
Three songs played in Canterbury: Never Stops, Paper Heart, Sea Change
08 May 2009:
Still recording, according to The Last Broadcast.
11 Mar 2009:
15 songs are almost done, ready to be mixed and all.
06 Jan 2009:
9 songs have been recorded, according to Olly in a Horses Mouth.
11 Nov 2008:
official website confirms recording is in progress.
Oct 2008:
enter studio to record material.

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