The Year 2006

Here you find what Turin Brakes were up to from the beginning until roughly the end of 2006.


Live Session

Taking time

Back to the desk for the band… New songs needed to be written, but nothing was to be rushed ofcourse. In February the band reported back to the official site that already 6 new songs were written: I’m amazed that JackInABox was so recent yet this stuff feels like it’s from a new place, you dont think you’ve changed but the music shows you really (prove) have.
In March rumours started popping up that the band was to play a festival in Brighton in May, but before that another gig took place: a gig in aid of MacMillan Cancer Relief (23 April). In the end the band raised quite some money and played four new songs (Ghost, Brave New World, Everready & Real Life). They also played The Beatles song Come Together with support act Novastar. One month later the band played the Spiegeltent in Brighton, premiering one more new song, called Other Side (and playing the songs played in London as well). At the gig the band mentions having 16 songs ready so far, and that they plan to head in the studio in September.

In this period of relative quietness, EMI decided to release the third digital only live release in a years time… After the Napsterlive Session in May 2005 and the Live @ The Palladium in November, April 2006 saw the release of the Live Session, an Itunes exclusive. The cover is quite similar to The Red Moon EP (except it just says ‘Turin Brakes’) for EU release, the US version had a photo of Olly and Gale jumping in the air. The acoustic session consisted of 7 songs recorded at the Apple headquarters during the US tour of 2005. It features a mix of old and new songs: Over and Over kicks of acapella, followed by tumbling piano riffs and nice acoustic slide guitar. Underdog is in the same style, minus the acappela and plus the kick ass guitar solo. No flaws! The other highlight of this session is Feeling Oblivion, which feels like meeting an old friend after lots of years and he’s still as great as he used to be.

In July, the band premiered more new songs at a special intimate gig in London (Half Moon Pub) that sold out within 4 minutes time! More new songs premiered: Last Chance, ByePod, Loopa, Something In My Eye & Capsual. The gig was very hot, but very ‘great’ as well. Meanwhile, more good news was announced: Painkiller made the soundtrack of The Last Kiss, playing over the end credits in full and providing some extra exposure for the band. And the band finally decided to tour some more to preview the new songs to their audience. A series of intimate shows was announced for November, on which the songs Timewaster, Here Comes The Moon, Stalker & Dark On Fire got their premiere. The band wrote a little comment on every gig on the website and started a moblog where people could upload their pictures and videos. Also, the band discovered Myspace, which is up till this day still maintained by the band, featuring personal messages and news.

But all this nice communication didn’t help recording the album. Recording was due to start in September, but there was no mention of it, till the day after the tour. The band announced they were going to record with Ethan Johns in January. With rave reviews of the intimate tour and this hopeful news the band ended 2006 on a high note.

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