Lost Property

Released on 29 January 2016 | Download on Amazon | 0 comments

7th studio album, follow-up to We Were Here. Released on Cooking Vinyl.

The cover artwork of their new album LOST PROPERTY shows an urban spaceman marooned in a deckchair as, behind the winter lawn, half-hidden shapes loom in the dark. The image is a perfect match for this collection of dispatches from the elusive side of reality that’s just a twist away from the everyday. Their sonic camera pans wider and deeper – trademark West-Coast acoustic guitar and widescreen harmony textures wrap themselves around the enigmatic explorations of normality at the heart of Olly Knight’s lyrics. Listen carefully beneath the lush, cinematic production the band created with co-conspirator Ali Staton in the analogue world of Rockfields’ legendary studio; and you’ll hear other hints and stories, both hopeful and unsettling, resonating with unexpected echoes from your own life. The record scales up from the intimacy of MARTINI, through the uneasy domesticity of QUIET ONES, the futuristic pulse of 96, the yearning gospel inflections of SAVE YOU and the pure folk-pop of KEEP ME AROUND into the wistfully uplifting, anthemic JUMP START, leading to the towering darkness of BLACK RABBIT. There’s the intimacy and warmth that Turin Brakes have taken along with them down the years, but this time reaching up towards something bigger, more epic in scope and darker in hue. It’s a sound yearning for the wide open spaces of the USA but rooted in the grimy streets of South London, still unique, still unforgettable.

Songs / Lyrics

  1. 96 (tabs) (video)
  2. Keep Me Around (video)
  3. The Quiet Ones (video)
  4. Lost Property (video)
  5. Rome (video)
  6. Brighter Than The Dark (video)
  7. Save You (video)
  8. Martini (video)
  9. Jump Start (video)
  10. Hope We Make It (video)
  11. Black Rabbit (video)

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