Blue Hour

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Opening track of the 2nd album, Ether Song. The first limited edition of Ether Songcontained a bonus disc with a home recording of this song.

Olly: It’s about the moment that the sun goes down and just before the moon comes up and everything is blue. And its kind of an ode to a fantasy city, although it could be London, and it’s just about everyone stopping what they’re doing and taking in that blue hour moment together. Everyone becoming one just for a little moment. Its an interesting way to start a record, instead of it being the beginning of the day, it’s the end of the day, just before night time comes. That moment where it’s not quite dark, it’s not quite light and everything is luminous, things take on a funny colour, and people get a bit funny for a while – thats a nice place to start a record. Its very interesting, everything goes strange.


Oh, let the sun be done,
Let the air wash the city clean.
Oh, let the blue hour come,
For everyone,
For everyone, the sun,
We all need some.

Pace of this place slow down,
Suits throw your phones to the ground.
With the blue in your lungs begun,
For everyone,
For everyone, the sun.
We all need some.

Time to go fishing,
Reels screaming.
For all weary souls,
The endless song.
For everyone,
For everyone this song.
We all need one.

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