Clear Blue Air

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Song from Ether Song, and Olly’s least favourite track from this album. Still nice though!

Olly: Clear Blue Air, is personally my least favourite track on the album, but we were made to put it on. Its very up beat.
Gale: Its up beat but it sort of ties in with the whole ether thing as well. Its kind of the most irregular song in the structure.
Q: Is it one of those meat and two veg type songs that you need on the album?
Olly: Kind of, but its more than that. I like the sentiment, we both do. it can be a really heartstopping song because its very positive and not at all cynical. It’s the first track we did when we got to LA and I just think the way its recorded is not quite perfect. it should have been done slightly different. Its probably the only track I feel like that about on the record, which is pretty good going. But I can imagine a lot of people liking it. Often I find those tracks I feel that way about work better.

Naked and faking on a poorly lit stairway
Then we were getting down on a dance floor
Oh my love where did you go?
She turned her body and soul into…

Air… I need you like air
Water… I need you like water

I’ve been away for a very long time
The roads and their refuge,
Keep you out of my mind
Arise arise, I wanna take off and drive
And throw my arms into, the clear blue…

Air… I need you like air
Water… I need you like water

Here she comes,
Buzzing through my memory,
Here’s the ghost,
Perfume trickles through the…

Air… I need you like air
Water… I need you like water

So try, try to reach me
Even if you can’t see me
I’ll be around under the clear blue air.

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