Ether Song

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Hidden track from Ether Song, catching the whole theme of the album.

Olly: There’s a secret track on there called Ether Song. I know you’re not meant to tell anyone about secret tracks but its a really good secret track because it sums up the album, its worth waiting for. There’s a reason its hidden, its meant to sneak up on you. This conceptually is a secret track, its there to creep up on you when you’re not expecting it. That’s definitely something worth waiting to expect. For three and a half minutes.
Q: Why is it a secret song?
Olly: Because we ran out of time and its eight and a half minutes long and we couldn’t justify that in the middle of the record. its so different its almost a record on its own. It makes sense as well that the title track should be hidden. it was an interesting thing to do.

In the ether, in the ether’s air
Would you be there, would you be my friend?
In the morning, in the morning rain
In the binary, of a data stream

On an airplane, on a radio
All around me, in the Ether’s flow

Under an orange sun, under the sweet spell
Running from what I’ve become
What am I running from,
Oh, what am I running from?

You can’t take a photograph of it at night
It lives in the code of a fire fly buzzing
It vibrates through brickwalls, keeping their time
It cuddles the creeping chaos coming
I see it more clearly than ever before
I’m in it’s invisible river aflowing
Through everything I’ve ever been through before
Heads up, somethings really happ-e-ning

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