Panic Attack

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This song is for people who don’t like flying but yet still have to get on a hundred planes every year. According to Olly Knights during live shows. But this is more in-depth:

Olly: Panic attack is one of those tracks that Tony Hoffer chose but we couldn’t belive he chose it because its a bit experimental. It was a funny idea of writing one verse of a song and then tearing it to pieces and writing four more verses with the same words. when we were in college they made us write a film script by taking a poem and tearing it to pieces and restructuring it, which is like an age old writing exercise. But I was bored and as I was lying in the bath I started writing it and ‘Panic Attack’ came out of it. I wanted to write about a panic attack and what it was like to have one but I didn’t want to write about it in a normal way, co by cutting it up it bought those horrible emotions up. Its very strange but people seem to like it.
Gale: either the audience goes mad or they don’t know what to do.
Olly: Its not a traditional kind of song.
Gale: No, its genius really.
Olly: Even if we say so ourselves well no one else is going to! I’m very proud of that song, it goes very far down a particular road that we might not have taken if we were being safer.
Q: Is it written from personal experience?
Olly: yeah, it’s about years of teenage panic attacks. Most people I know have had moments like that and I just thought it would be good to capture that in my way in the song. I think everyone is like it in some way, I think when you write songs and you’re a musician you get to talk about these things

Paint your panic attack
Lonely, Inside a lift
The smallest thing could strip you to your skin

Feel your lonely skies
When times are hard, wave bye bye
Bye, bye, baby burning eyes of demise

Paint your lonely skies
Burning eyes, wave bye, bye, to your skin
You to your skin, baby bye

The smallest thing inside a lift
To your skin baby times are hard
Paint your eyes, Paint panic back to demise

Strip your panic attack
Lonely eyes baby, burn to your skin
Inside a lift to your skies
Inside a lift to your skies

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