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This is far from complete but well… Who knows one day it might be… This section contains a list of people / things involved in Turin Brakes. Names (of people) are listed like Knights, Olly. Names including The, such as The Door, are listed in the alphabet as Door, The. If there is anything you want to know that’s not listed? Found something interesting for this section? Do contact me!!!



Adidas – Turin Brakes and Henri Gaobi created several tracks together. C’est Que Ca was featured in this commercial (2010).
Allum, Rob – Has been the drummer of the band since The Optimist LP. Also played drums on Underdog (Save Me) from The Optimist LP and on track 2, 4, 7, 8 and 11 of Jackinabox and every album since Dark On Fire. Also band manager.
Anvil Records – Released The Door EP by Turin Brakes in 1999.
Arkwright, Frank – Mastered the Fight Or Flight EP and The Optimist LP.

Balham – Balham is the place in London were it all begun. Here the boys grew up playing football together.
Band Aid 20 – Charity project for Darfur (Africa). Olly and Gale are singing in the chorus (though you do not here them) and are in the video.
Bankhead, William – Did the cover photography for Ether Song.
Bernie Grundman Mastering – Here Ether Song was mastered.
Bolland, Del – AKA “The Robot Wasp”. Good friend and ex tour manager who unfortunately died.
Bottomley, Christine – Actress, plays Ruth in the Stalker video.
Braff, Zach – Actor, director and soundtrack selector. Picked the soundtrack for The Last Kiss and called Turin Brakes to ask whether Painkiller could be used. The song runs over the end credits.
Broadbent, David – Did the spot illustration for The Optimist LP.

Cassidy, Aidan – Filmed the additional content and did the additional editing for the Jackinabox bonus DVD.
Campbell, Phil – Supported Turin Brakes on their February 2010 UK tour.
Cooking Vinyl, Record label for the albums Outbursts, We Were Here and Lost Property.
Cowper, Alex – Did the design and artwork for Jackinabox.
Cracknell, Simon – Directed the Fishing For A Dream video.

Davis, Ben – Plays cello on tracks 1 and 10 on The Optimist LP.
Delabel Music Publishing – Published the Turin Brakes music in the UK.
Designated Survivor – US TV Show on Netflix which featured Save You in episode 2.
Door Ep, The – First release by Turin Brakes ever. Only 1000 made (500 CDs, 500 7 INCH’ers) and released by Anvil Records. Very hard to get nowadays.
Dromgoole, Alex – Assistant Engineer @ Mix for Jackinabox.
Drury, Ben – Did the sleeve artwork and cover photography for Ether Song

Ellis, Liam – The Optimist LP was “For Liam Ellis”, according to the booklet.
Ether Song – 2nd album, produced by Tony Hoffer. Entered the charts at no. 5, but the record company wanted to generate more sales and re-released it over 4 times.

Forum – The official Turin Brakes website has one, and so has this Ether Site
Francis, Charlie – Engineer on track 12 of The Optimist LP. Also Record Engineer on most tracks.
Fulgoni, Rachel – Plays Cello on tracks 1 and 10 of The Optimist LP

Gaobi, Henri – AKA “Gaobi”. Master Drummer (African) and collaborating with Turin Brakes. Although Gaobi isn’t present on any TB recordings, they did make an EP together, called Ears Never Pass Head! It’s available on iTunes and Spotify. The track C’est Que Ca was featured in the Adidas F50 commercial in 2010. 
Gallacher, Joe – has supported TB many times. See also Toy Tin Soldier.
Gardner, Brian – AKA “Big Bass”. Mastered Ether Song at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Los Angeles.
Garvey, Becky – Produced the EPK (Electronic Press Kitt) included on the limited edition of Ether Song.
Gray, David – Turin Brakes played a lot of dates as the support act of this musician. They toured in the UK and in the USA.
Greenpeace – Organisation that fights for our environment. A message from them about Global Warming and positive energy was included with Ether Song.

Hagget, Rob – Assistant Engineer @ Mix for Jackinabox.
Hale, Tony – Did the track by track commentary interview for the Jackinabox bonus DVD.
Heavenly Social – Became like a second home for Olly and Gale. They played there a lot of times in the early days.
High Llamas – Rob Allum, the drummer of the live band, used to drum in this band. There’s a website about the band here.
Hilton, Ben – Director of the Stalker video, the first single from Dark On Fire.
Hoffer, Tony – Produced and mixed the 2nd album Ether Song and made a remix of Average Man.
Hoskulds, S.Huskey – Engineer for Ether Song.

I Am Kloot – This Manchester band often toured together with Turin Brakes, and they became good friends in the early days.

Jensen, Ted – Did the mastering for Jackinabox.

Kadagolian, Albert – Directed the video for Last Chance.
Karni & Saul – Made the partly animated video for Something In My Eye.
Knights, Daisy May – Olly’s second daughter.
Knights, John – Did the photography for the first Ep.
Knights, Olly – lead singer of the band. Olly writes and sings the lead vocals for most of the songs. He also plays the chords on the guitar for most of the songs. Also took some of the photographs in the Jackinabox booklet and filmed some of the menu footage of the Jackinabox bonus dvd. He also made the video for New Star. He released a solo album called If Not Now When.
Knights, Ruby – Olly’s first daughter.
Konk Studios – Recording studio for the EPs released at Source Records (State Of Things, Fight Or Flight) and The Optimist LP.

Late Night Tales – Serie where artists compile a compilation of songs they like. Turin Brakes did one in February 2004. They also covered a song by the Rolling Stones for the compilation, called Moonlight Mile
Last Kiss, The – Film starring Zach Braff. Painkiller was used on the soundtrack (it runs over the end credits). The soundtrack was handselected by Zach Braff and word is that he personally called TB’s manager to ask permission to use the song.
Lavapepper – Did the designing for The Optimist LP. Website over here. They also did the studio panoram in the Jackinabox booklet.
Lost Property – The 7th Turin Brakes album, recorded in Rockfield Studios in 2015, released in 2016.
Love, Shelly – Directed the Dark on Fire video.
Lycksell, Anders – Filmed the additional content and did the additional editing for the Jackinabox bonus DVD.

Marten, (Little) Phil – Plays the harmonica and percussion on track 10 of The Optimist LP, is part of the live band (keys) and played additional keyboards on Jackinabox, Dark on Fire and We Were Here. Also music event organizer, session musician, bar owner and butler. Sadly left Turin Brakes after Dark on Fire to pursue other opportunities.
Melanoma – Gale’s former metal band… And he’s such a quiet boy…..
Meldal-Johnson, Justin – Played with Beck and Air before, plays Bass on Ether Song.
Mison, Tom – Actor, plays Harry in the Stalker video.
Moonlight Mile – Originally by The Rolling Stones, but covered for their Late Night Tales compilation in February 2005 by Turin Brakes. This is also the Moonlight Mile referred to in Fishing For A Dream.
Muller, Sophie – Director of the video made for The Door.
Myer, Eddy – Played Double Bass on tracks 7 and 10 of The Optimist LP and additional stand-up bass on Jackinabox and later albums. Also part of the live band (bass & backing vocals). Recently seen sporting a huggable caveman look.

Newmark, Andrew – Played drums on the Fight Or Flight EP and on almost all tracks of The Optimist LP.
Nielsen, Kate – Made some of the photos in the Ether Song booklet and the creative direction (for thisisrealart).
No Scrubs – Originally by TLC, but Turin Brakes covered it when they were playing at Jo Whiley’s BBC1 radio show back in 2003. It’s available for download on this site.

OC, The – TV Series. Several Turin Brakes songs were used in this drama: Self Help was used in season 1, episode 18 (“The Truth”) and Rain City was used in season 1, episode 3 (“The Gamble”).
Olly’s Shed – For lack of a better name, this is now Turin Brakes rehearsal and writing space. It can be seen in several acoustic videos on YouTube.
One Tree Hill – TV Series. Something In My Eye was used in Season 5’s episode “You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side.”
Optimist LP, The – Debut album. Nominated for the famous Mercury Prize in 2001 (and numberous of other awards, but never won). Sold almost 200 000 copies in the UK only. Entered the charts at no. 27.

Palmer, Dave – AKA “Child Geniuss”. Plays the keyboards on Ether Song and during live concerts and sessions (Myspace).
Paridjanian, Gale – lead guitarist of the band. Gale sings the backing vocals for most of the songs, though usually not on the records. And he plays the slide guitar, solos and all the other magic musical instruments. He sings the lead vocals on Starship, So Long, Falling Down, Full of Stars, Apocolyps. He also took some of the photos in the Ether Song and Jackinabox booklet.
Paridjanian, Leia Grace – Gale’s little girl.
Paridjanian, Mesrop – Brother of Gale, did the sculpture in The Optimist LP booklet, and part of the live band.
Passera, Phil – The manager of Turin Brakes, but in the summer of 2003 he quits, because he wants to focus on a new band. He also owns Anvil Records and played Fender Bass on track 2,3,5,8 and 11 of The Optimist LP.
Pinherio, Albert – Engineer on most of the tracks of the Optimist LP and the SBN session tracks included on the first limited edition of Ether Song.
Press, Natalie – Plays Katy in the Stalker video.
Procap – Recorded the Bush Hall audio on the Jackinabox bonus DVD on 4th April.

Quark Films – The company that made the video for Stalker, the first single from Dark On Fire.

Reitzell, Brian – Played drums on Ether Song.
Reverb Music – The publishing agency TB signed with after the release of Dark On Fire.
Rihet, Christophe – Did the cover photograph of The Optimist LP and Jackinabox.
RJ – Mixed the Bush Hall footage for the Jackinabox Bonus DVD @ The Instrument.
Rockfield Studios – The legendary studios where Turin Brakes recorded We Were Here, Lost Property and the 8th album.

Scrag, Nigel – Mastered The Door Ep, the boys first ever release.
Shakhovskoy, Jonathan – Protools Editing for Jackinabox.
Slade, David – Directed the Painkiller video and would go to make famous tv shows like Hannibal and American Gods.
Soloman, Will – Did the percussion on tracks 1,3,8 and 12 of The Optimist LP.
Songs From The Canyon – Week long festival in Brighton organised by Phil Marten (on the keyboards). Turin Brakes played the first edition in 2007.
Sound Factory, The – Recording studio in Los Angeles for Ether Song.
Source Records – Turin Brakes sign to this independent label in 2000, but soon before the release of The Optimist LP it is taken over by EMI Music.
Speight, Tom – Tom Speight supported Turin Brakes on the Lost Property tour and several other live dates. Also co-wrote three songs on Lost Property (Save You, Martini, Jump Start).
Staton, Ali – Co-produced We Were Here and Lost Property. Also mixed both records.
Stent, Mark “Spike” – Did the radio mix for 72 and mixed Jackinabox.
Sterling Sound – Used for the mastering of the album Jackinabox in New York.
Stone, Al – Mixed The Optimist LP and the Fight Or Flight EP. Also Record Engineer on By TV light, from The Optimist LP.
Strongroom Studios – Studio in London, used for mixing Ether Song.
Strokes, Jai – Filmed the additional content and did the additional editing for the Jackinabox bonus DVD.

Teachers – a UK TV series called ‘Teachers’ used the TB song ‘Slack’ in an episode (series 2 episode 6). It’s also featured on a soundtrack album that accompanies the show.
The TB Inc – The former Turin Brakes studio, which used to be a minute’s walk from Brixton Underground station. Replaced by Olly’s shed / garden studio in 2013.
Thorpe, Rachel – Filmed some of the menu footage on the Jackinabox bonus DVD. Also Olly’s girl.
Thorpe, Sandra – AKA “The Optimist” and “In The Ether’s Air”. Both The Optimist LP as Ether Song were dedicated to her.
Top Of The Pops – TV Series, where groups perform/playback their latest hit. Turin Brakes performed their UK top 5 hit Pain Killer there.
Toy Tin Solder – Supported Turin Brakes in 2016 on the Lost Property.
Treahearn, David – Assistant Engineer @ Mix for Jackinabox.


V Festival – Big festival. Turin Brakes performed there in 2002 and 2003 (and at several other big festivals in those summers).
Vermandel, Eva – Did the studio photography for The Optimist LP.
Videos – There are video for the following songs. Mind Over Money (an animation was released on the Fight or Flight EP, The Door, Underdog (Save Me), Mind Over Money (the forest version), (Emergency) 72, Long Distance (recorded in Prague), Painkiller (recorded in LA), Average Man (recorded in Prague), 5 Mile (These Are The Days) (recorded in LA) and Fishing For A Dream (recording at several locations in the UK).
Village, The – Studio, also used for mixing Ether Song.

Waterloo Road – This BBC drama features Turin Brakes music regularly, most recently Something In My Eye was featured in episode 10 of Season 4 (18 March 2009).
Walsh, Liam – worked as radio plugger for the early EPs on the Anvil label and then ‘plugged’ the Optimist album too when TB signed to Source Records.
We Were Here – 6th studio album, released in 2013.
Wig – Gale was wearing a wig in the British television show Born Sloppy. They performed Pain Killer there.
Williams, Dave – Assisted during the mixing of the Bush Hall footage for the Jackinabox Bonus DVD @ The Instrument.

Xerox EP – An EP featuring 3 covers and a new song called Rescue Squad.


ZAZA – The band featuring various performers, including Henri Gaobi and Gale. 🙂 They performed live in Brixton in 2012 and 2013.

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