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Last update June 2012: Fixing some stuff, re-uploading some things.

2011: TB @ Resonance FM

TB have recorded this show for Resonance FM to celebrate their history and first album’s 10th anniversary! Includes rare demos and covers!


2011: Turin Brakes @ Dermot O’Leary (with Al Murray)

Turin Brakes returned to Dermot O’Leary’s show (this time hosted by Al Murray) for the promotion of The Optimist LP tour. They played a cover of Wicked Game and a stripped down version of Underdog (Save Me).

Underdog | Wicked Game | Interview + songs in 1 MP3-file (click free then wait for countdown to finish and enter the CAPTCHA).

2010: Turin Brakes @ Ogilvy

Turin Brakesplayed a gig at the Ogilvy London offices in September 2010. The gig was streamed live on the internet. Here are the MP3 files. It includes 7 songs, including 3 from latest record Outbursts.


2010: BBC Radio Wales ‘The Evening Show’ (2 September 2009)

The first of many radio sessions and interviews for Bottled At Source. this first one is also one of the better ones in my opinion: the interview is laidback and relaxed and the songs are well performed. You can choose to download the whole thing (11 MP3 files with interview and acoustic songs) or just the music (Underdog, Painkiller, Never Stops and Fishing For A Dream). Make your pick and enjoy.

RAR-file with 11 or 4 MP3s.

Download Everything – Download just the acoustic songs

2007: BBC 6Music: George Lamb session (4 December 2007)

Turin Brakes joined George Lamb for an interview on Dark On Fire and two songs, Above The Clouds and Something In My Eye.
RAR with MP3 FILES (right-click on the link and select save target as)

Download. OR Download.

2007: XFM London: Live @ Leicester Square (9 November 2007)

Turin Brakes played this start-of-your-weekend show early November. They played Something In My Eye, Wicked Game (a first) and Painkiller (Summer Rain). Of course, in between songs there was enough room for banter, which is included as well.
RAR with MP3 FILES (right-click on the link and select save target as)


2007: BBC Radio 4: Loose Ends (15 September 2007)

MediaFire – Free File Hosting Made Simple
Turin Brakes third Loose Ends appearance, after playing Fishing For A Dream and They Can’t Buy The Sunshine in 2005, this time they play Real Life of Dark On Fire.
MP3 Download.

2007: BBC Radio 2: Janice Long Show (13 September 2007)

Turin Brakes returned to Janice Long, after a very nice session in 2005, for a new session with material from Dark on Fire.
Tracklist: Interview Part 1, Stalker, Interview Part 2, Dark On Fire, Interview Part 3, Timewaster, Thank You.


2007: XFM London: Music Response (13 September 2007)

Turin Brakes return to Steve Harris’ Music:Response show on XFM London, for a session with some nice renditions of Dark On Fire songs and a very special cover of Nessun Dorma, Pavarotti’s key song (who passed away a few days before this session was recorded). However, the final two songs weren’t broadcasted on the air and just put on the site.
Tracklist: Interview, Stalker, Interview Part 2, Ghost, Fade Out, Nessun Dorma, Dark On Fire.


2007: Capital Radio 95.8: Craig Doyle Session (27 October 2007)

Turin Brakes joined Craig Doyle on Capital Radio for a session. They played three songs:
Painkiller (Summer Rain, Something In My Eye and Theme From Cheers. This last song was played during very early radio sessions in 2001. It’s probably the first time in years they played it.
RAR with MP3 FILES (right-click on the link and select save target as)


2005: BBC Radio 4: Loose Ends (31 December 2005)

Turin Brakes joined the BBC Radio 4 show “Loose Ends” on 31 December 2005 once again. This time for a live session of They Can’t Buy The Sunshine.
MP3 (to download: right-click and select save target as)


2005: Virgin Radio: Turin Brakes @ V2005 (21 August 2005)

On 20 and 21 August 2005 Turin Brakes performed at the V Festival, Virgin Radio broadcasted some of the material. You can hear Underdog (Save Me), Painkiller and an interview here. With the interesting mention that the tour bus caught fire on the way to the festival… “burning brakes”.


2005: KCRW Session (4 August 2005)

Every time Turin Brakes visit the USA, they play a session at KCRW Radios. So far the boys have performed in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2005. This 2005 session isn’t their best, but one can always count on KCRW for great quality (for an internet web stream at least) and there’s always a rarity in the set. This set includes the unedited version of Breaking The Girl, which was released on The Red Moon EP. Tracks: Introduction, They Can’t Buy The Sunshine, Road To Nowhere, Over and Over, Interview, Asleep With The Fireflies, Braking The Girl, Long Distance, Forever, Outro.


2005: MPR Session (25 July 2005)

A very nice MPR session. VERY nice if I may say. This set is better than the KCRW 2005, in my opinion and I recommend it wholeheartly to anyone. 🙂
Tracks: They Can’t Buy The Sunshine, Interview Part 1, Over and Over, Interview Part 2, Asleep With The Fireflies, Long Distance.


2003: Radio Eins – Berlin Concert (20 January 2003)

Acoustic concert as a three-piece (Olly, Gale & Dave Palmer) broadcasted on Radio Eins as a Sommernachtkonzerte. Very good quality and if you’re downloading only ONE thing from this page, let it be this! Tracklist: Intro, Future Boy, Stone Thrown, Feeling Oblivion, Self Help, Blue Hour, The Road, Radio Eins, Average Man, Long Distance, Underdog, Rain City, Painkiller, Emergency 72 and Outro.


2002: Live at KCRW (4 June 2002)

Turin Brakes went to LA to record their second album, and and halfway through these recordings the band joined KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic for a session. It features some work in progress songs and the ONLY live version of Full of Stars (sung by Gale) Tracklist: Rain City, The Door, Stone Thrown, Feeling Oblivion, Underdog, Full of Stars, State Of Things and Average Man.


2001: Gasometer, Vienna Concert (18 November 2001)

The first time in Vienna for Turin Brakes, supporting Travis, back in 2001. Here’s the full set, including a very early version of The Red Moon EP-song Jet Trail. So this song was played live up to four years before it’s actual release.
Set includes: State Of Things, Feeling Oblivion, The Door, Underdog (Save Me), Jet Trail, Mind Over Money and Emergency 72.


2001: KCRW Session 2001 (9 May 2001)

KCRW session from 2001, the first of many. This version was broadcasted one month later (10 June), the session was recorded one month earlier on “Moring Becomes Eclectic”.
Tracklist: Once Around, The Door, Feeling Oblivion, Interview, Underdog, The Road, Emergency 72.



BBC Suffolk Interview (04 September 2009)

No session tracks here, but a nice long in-depth interview with Olly and Gale about the early days and the days that followed. Worth a listen. It’s a 19 minute MP3-file.



Classic Grand, Glasgow, Scotland (12 February 2008)

Being one of their first shows on their February UK tour, the whole band were struggling from a severe cold (most notably Olly), but besides that the show is awesome.
Love Is All You Deserve, Stone Thrown, Real Life, Last Clown, Fishing For A Dream, Stalker, Eveready, Painkiller, Wicked Game, Dark On Fire, Feeling Oblivion, Something In My Eye, Ghost, Mind Over Money, Last Chance, Underdog, Long Distance, Emergency 72, State of Things (with Joe Gallacher). ZIP with MP3 FILES



BBC 6music: Gideon Coe Show (11 September 2007)

Turin Brakes returned to 6music for a session on the Gideon Coe show. It’s the first session since 2005’s Loose Ends for BBC Radio 4.
Tracklist: Introductions, Stalker, Interview, Dark On Fire, Goodbyes.




Lowlands 2003 Session (31 August 2003)
Session at the Dutch Lowlands 2003 festival, for They played Painkiller (in a slightly different arrangement then normally) and the new single 5 Mile (These Are The Days). One MP3-file includes both songs.


WRLT’s Nashville Sunday Night (Summer 2003)

Underdog and Painkiller acoustic and live at WRLT’s Nashville Sunday Night.
RAR with 2 separate MP3-files.



Le Réservoir Session (transmission date ??-2001)

French TV show featuring Turin Brakes and Suzanne Vega, resulting in an one-time-only improvised collaboration on Luka
Tracklist: The Door, Future Boy, Emergency 72, Luka (with Suzanne Vega).

The Door
Future Boy
Emergency 72

Underdog Live Clip (2001)
Flash video of Underdog, recorded at some live concerts by a UK weblog.
SWF-FILE (download Flash to play)


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