East Wintergarden 2010 review

Review by Evelyn.

What another magical evening in the company of the TB boys in the form of Rob, a very hairy Eddie, Olly and Gale. The seating arrangement for the evening was ‘cabaret’ style which to you and me means round tables – small round tables seating 4 in fact. With appropriate mood lighting, it was an utterly lovely setting, something I’ve never experienced before, in which to see a band.

But of course, we’re not talking about any old band, we’re talking about my absolute favourite ensemble so knowing the gig was in a more intimate venue, i was super excited to say the least!

Opening with Rain City (which i heard during the sound check as i have a tendency to arrive early at gigs and could clearly hear the sweet sound of Olly’s voice from just outside) and closing with Underdog, we were treated with bloody awesome renditions of Dark on Fire and Long Distance as well as an energetic and romping exclusive ‘first time played live’ performance of ‘For the Fire’. Olly mentioned that it’s one of the bands favourites but may not be on everyone’s top 10 list – well, it certainly makes mine!!!! Loved it muchly! We heard many superb ‘classics’ from The Optimist LP including Feeling Oblivion, 72, The Road and Mind Over Money as well as plenty of stonking newbies which fit so perfectly in the set list by way of an acoustic Mirror, Radio Silence, Embryos with our Gale taking centre stage, followed by Apocolips and the encore began with what I maintain as probably my favourite TB track, Outbursts. I had goose bumps throughout the song and my feeble words just won’t do the performance justice..

How fortunate we are to be able to see the band play in so many different venues from Shepherds Bush to Cadogan Hall to a video shop to Drury Lane to East Wintergarden! Suffice it to say that I had a bloody wicked time and I can hardly wait until next time.. Oh, and to top it all off, I chatted to Olly after and finally, after all these years, got a picture with him! Happy days 😀

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