Islington Academy 2007 review

Evelyn, Ether Site’s UK news correspondent, attended the intimate Islington gig… Here’s her review, exclusively for this site.

Turin Brakes – Carling Islington Academy – 10th December 2007

A magical night to remember… (just as soon as my frozen fingers and toes thawed having been standing outside the venue since 6.15 pm! It was a lonnnnnng 45 minutes waiting for those doors to open let me tell you…).

So, although the gig should’ve sold out within an hour of going on sale seeing as the Islington Academy is so nice and small! J, the gig was just incredible… Although I don’t like to compare gigs, I think I enjoyed this one more than The Forum gig! It felt more intimate I guess and there was more banter and stuff… The band played exceptionally and the varied set list only added to the enjoyment. Am especially glad that some JackInABox tracks were played 😀

The band were on form interacting with the crowd lots, with Eddie taking on the role of Santa for the night, chat about Rob loving Take That, their gig at the Islington Academy a few years back which Franz Ferdinand played too and Gale joked that they thought they were s**t and weren’t going to amount to anything! There was also some cool banter when Olly said to the ‘youngsters’ present, that they didn’t write Wicked Game and Gale said that if you liked the song though, you should buy the TB album and the guys joked that they could do an album of covers lol… Loads of fun and games!

Standout tracks for me include (although there were extended instrumental versions of many songs which is what I love the most): Last Clown (Olly said it’s the first time they’ve ever played it live!) Everready, Wicked Game, Mind Over Money, JackInABox and Emergency 72 (with instruments I think, or was that the intro to Slack?)!

As for the talk about another London/UK gig in February, I of course cannot wait!

P.S. Being first to arrive, my friend and I was first inside! Outrageously no one showed (or queued anyway) after us until AT LEAST 6.40pm!!! Where were all the die-hard fans at man?!

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